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Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said ‘a goal without a plan is just a wish.’ I will help you turn your businesses ‘wishes’ into a considered and well-planned digital marketing strategy, to ensure you succeed. Through brainstorming, goal setting, journey mapping and competitor research, I can help you move into the future with confidence and optimism.

does this sound familiar?

  • Your business has taken off and achieving success – but you feel like you don’t have control over your direction. You’re flying by the seat of your pants and taking one day at a time, without an idea of where you’re going.
  • You understand who your target client is – but they don’t make up your core
    business. You want to progress into your true area of interest, but you don’t know how to pivot your approach.
  • Your business is stagnant – you have a few clients, or random purchases coming through, but you’re not progressing at the rate needed for it to be viable – and you don’t know where to go from here.
You are not alone!

you’re experiencing these problems because…

01. You don’t have a relevant marketing roadmap

I say ‘relevant’ because you may very well have a marketing plan – but if it’s more than six months old, it’s likely your business has evolved and changed and it’s time to reassess. A timely strategy will ensure your marketing tactics match the goals you have now.

02. You’ve got no time for marketing!

In my experience, business owners are often time poor – busy juggling many balls in the air at once. A Marketing Plan is usually something that is ‘on the to do list’ but gets moved further and further down as more pressing tasks come up. Well, it’s time to make it a priority!

03. You’re too close to the day to day

When you’re in a business, deeply involved in all the numbers and rosters and balance sheets, it can be hard to step back and see the bigger picture. An expert, with an objective point of view can provide insights that might surprise you!

IMAGINE what IT WOULD FEEL like to have…


  • Is actionable and customised to your business goals to hit your objectives
  • Targets the right customers at the right time – no more creating content and hoping it ‘sticks’
  • Captures market share from your competitors
  • Brings together all your customer and staff facing digital elements 
  • Achieves real, ambitious revenue targets by aligning your goals to your digital strategy

here’s my process for digital marketing strategy

My Process

digital marketing strategy

I believe every piece of content created for your business should have a strategy behind it. What is the purpose? Who is the audience?

During a strategy session, we’ll sit down and I ask you a lot of questions – to get all the information I need to prepare a report, with recommendations on where to go next.


Brainstorming and Goal Setting

We begin our session with an assessment of where you are now – and where you want to be. This is essential, as all marketing activities should be focused around achieving your business goals. Does your brand need more awareness, locally or more broadly? Or are you looking to generate more leads?



You can’t market your business if you don’t know who you’re marketing to! I will help you identify who your ideal clients are, where you can find them, what they care about and what their pain points are. This way you can position way you can position yourself as someone who can solve their problems!


Strategy and Recommendations

After our session, I will go away and prepare a strategy for you, including short term priorities and longer-term considerations. It will include recommendations on where you need to focus your marketing efforts, as well as potential campaigns and events you could run.

frequently asked questions

Running a business without a digital marketing strategy is a little bit like flying blind – or without clear strategic goals. Strategy gives you direction, enables you to better understand your market share and helps you stop wasting time.

Every move in your business will become measured, allowing you to make marketing budget and time allocations with ease. You will understand your customers wants and needs better, thus helping you differentiate yourself and stand tall among the crowd.

Keep in mind that details in your marketing strategy will continue to change over time. Executing your strategy will give you feedback on what’s working and where you want to focus your efforts.

Your digital marketing strategy will involve key company stakeholder(s) and includes an analysis of your current online position and relevant digital assets.

I will review any analytics and data if available and will also perform a review of your top competitors. This is matched with a review of the business goals and how it translates to marketing goals and specific measurable targets.

The above will form the basis of your digital marketing strategy, outlining the best tools and approaches to use and how performance can be measured over time. It will include recommendations in a written report of findings.

I will bring your customer and staff facing digital elements  together to drive value to your bottom line, touching on all elements of the digital marketing ecosystem. The goal is to move away from a fragmented approach to your digital activities and make it work hard for your business.

A comprehensive digital marketing strategy consists of four different strategies working together to achieve you goals – social media strategy, content strategy, SEO strategy and email marketing strategy. In addition, a 90 day roadmap will help you prioritise and get clear on where to go next.

A digital marketing strategy written by Digital By Kreete costs $2990 AUD. Training your internal staff on how to DIY the strategy is available at an additional cost. A review of a strategy written by me in the past is $590 AUD.

Social media strategy, content strategy, SEO strategy and email marketing strategy is available to purchase on its own for $990 each. Please note, prices listed don’t include GST.

This will depend on how much data is available at the time of commencement. If you are an established business with measurable analytics and want to update your existing strategy or just get me to look over your strategy with fresh eyes – that can take around a week or two.

If you have just launched your business and need help with establishing your first digital marketing strategy, it can take up to 6 weeks. More accurate time frames will be communicated upon commencement.

We will catch up for a meeting to go over all parts of the strategy where I’ll answer any questions you might have. Should you need help or training to implement the strategy, I will be available at an additional cost.

real results executed when working at adventure digital

John says..

“Kreete helped us dig deep into finding our ethos, who our company is, what we are about – and that has been extremely important. Thinking about our business in this long term way has been really valuable – the structure we have built with our content gives us the opportunity to continue that. Once it catches, it catches in a big way. It has helped us establish our voice and really convey what we are all about – and that’s when new clients really connect with what you’re saying.”

 I am ready to brainstorm