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Website Audits – SEO and Site Performance

Authority scores, meta data, search engine optimisation – do any of these ring a bell? If so – fantastic! If not – don’t worry, that’s what I’m here for. I can perform website and SEO audits to see how your site is performing – as well as how you’re sitting in the search engine rankings for your target keywords. I will then give you recommendations on how you can improve.

does this sound familiar?

  • You built a website years ago that does the job, but you haven’t updated it for a very long time – and you don’t get any enquiries through it. You’re not even sure whether you have Google Analytics installed.
  • You DIY’d your website and are proud of what you have achieved – but you aren’t getting enough enquiries or sales through it and have no idea which are your best performing pages are or how people are finding you.
  • Your website is adequate, but it’s not ranking well in search engines. Your competitors have the top three spots and you want to increase your presence to ensure you are being seen.
You are not alone!

here’s why your website needs attention…

01. Industries evolve – and so do the needs of your customers

The world we live in is constantly changing. As businesses, you need to adapt to the
conditions in which you are operating in. As the pain points of your customers change, your website needs to be updated to show how you can help them.

02. Search engines are constantly updating their algorithm

Organic (unpaid) search engine optimisation work cannot be done with a ‘set and forget’ approach. Due to the nature of the algorithm, it requires monthly work, creating and updating content – as well as driving traffic to your website through other marketing channels.

03. Your data is valuable

Your data can provide incredible insight into how your customers think – and which content on your website is resonating with them. You should be doing a monthly analytics check, to ensure your site is still performing the way you need it to.

IMAGINE what IT WOULD FEEL like to have…


  • Is optimised to rank well for what you want to be know for
  • Is responsive on all screens
  • Welcomes your target clients and makes them stay and do what they came for
  • Where the design and content helps to convert visitors into leads

here’s my process for website audits

Website Performance and SEO Audits

my process

I will take your data and use it to perform an in-depth and insightful summary of your websites current performance. Whether you want an overarching view of where things are, or a more specific SEO audit – I can give you the lay of the land and a roadmap to improve.


where you are now

I will put together a report that details your website responsiveness, any gaps in your lead generation process, best performing pages, how people are finding you, how quickly they are leaving your website once they’ve found you – and everything in between.

I will identify any basic red flags or indexing issues and any potential on-page SEO issues. I will perform a speed test and a keyword audit outlining which keywords you are currently ranking for and where you sit in comparison to your key competitors. I will review your website from a user experience perspective – especially on mobile.


where you want to be

Using my report as a benchmark, I will work with you to discuss your goals and decide which areas you need to invest more in – in order to achieve them. Each business is different, so it’s important we set realistic goals and identify the best opportunities to capitalise on.



Once we have done some goal setting, I will put together a roadmap that outlines where your strengths lie – and where you can improve. I will detail an action plan you can implement to stay on track and prioritise what’s going to give you the greatest reward.

frequently asked questions

A website and SEO audit will help you understand whether your website is performing as well as it could. It is an independent report to compare against your current provider and helps you understand how your SEO is performing.

But don’t let Google trick you; the website audit is about more than just SEO. It involves website design and user experience, lead generation on your website, simplicity of website administration, website content, and interaction with social media among others. Your report will also provide keywords you rank for, competitor analysis, website speed tests and more.

You will find out where you sit against other businesses in your industry and what areas of your website are excelling and what can be improved. This gives you a roadmap to rise in the search engine ranks and effortlessly convert the increased traffic from visitors to leads.

I will be analysing your website with various tools including Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, GTmetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights among others. I will also be using my years of experience as a marketing manager to review your website content, customer journey, lead generation process and usability among others.

My report is a transparent manual report full of practical information, and not a sales tool to gain leads to sell you SEO services. This is not an automated report and will take up to a week to prepare. It’s not an upsell – if you or your provider is doing a good job, I will be happy to say so.

My reports are designed to be easy to follow and each section will include relevant context. I will answer any questions you might have at an optional catch up once the report has been delivered.



  • Up to 10 key pages reviewed
  • Technical SEO audit
  • On-page and off-page SEO audit
  • Backlink report
  • Report upon completion



  • Up to 40 pages reviewed
  • Technical SEO audit
  • On-page and off-page SEO audit
  • Competitor analysis
  • Backlink report
  • Website user experience audit
  • Report upon completion
  • Audit implementation training/support (1hr)



  • Up to 40 pages reviewed
  • Technical SEO audit
  • On-page and off-page SEO audit
  • Competitor analysis
  • Backlink report
  • Website user experience audit
  • Review lead generation and customer journey process
  • Website content review from an SEO perspective
  • Keyword research (up to 50 terms)
  • Future website strategy
  • Report upon completion
  • Audit implementation training/support (1hr)
real results

Emily says…

“Kreete has been a godsend from enquiry and beyond. I desperately needed help with SEO so that my customers could find me on search engines. She was so quick at replies and worked around my busy schedule to get me the help I needed. I am already showing up on google just from making a few small changes so I am looking forward to seeing how implementing her suggestions makes a difference to my business. Thank you Kreete!!”

 I am ready to improve