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Marketing consulting

I offer marketing consulting services that are completely tailored to your needs and business. I can come in for a workshop, provide one on one sessions, perform audit activities and create marketing strategy and roadmaps. I can do a once-off or we can work together on a monthly basis. Whatever your need, I can help.

does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve hired a junior marketing assistant who can help with socials and send out newsletters, but you’d like to train them up so they can complete more strategically focused campaigns.
  • You’re a business owner looking to DIY your marketing as you have the time – but you’re not sure where to start or what to prioritise.
  • You are doing your marketing and your content is being well received, but you need a solid strategy to work off so your activities are better planned in advance and more in line with your goals.
i understand, i am a business owner too!

here’s how I can help you…

01. an expert to guide you

I respect business owners who dedicate the time to doing their own marketing – but I also believe ‘a goal without a plan is just a wish.’ Getting expert advice as well as a clear and strategic game plan is a worthy investment.

02. someone to hold you accountable

I can be your coach, encouraging you to ensure you meet your commitments – and cheering you on when you kick goals! It’s easy to push things to the side in a busy business – I can help ensure you stick with it.

03. a sounding board for new ideas

Sometimes when you’re deep in your business, it’s hard to step back and see the bigger picture. An outside perspective might be just what you need to shake things up and gain some fresh momentum.

IMAGINE what IT WOULD FEEL like to have…


  • Someone who loves helping your business to grow
  • Someone who understands the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing
  • Someone who can work with you to solve problems you don’t have answers to
  • Someone who has a swiss army knife filled with tools to take your business to the next level

here’s how we can work together

Marketing consulting

my process

Some of my clients need a lot of help – and others just need someone to bounce ideas off and help ensure they are moving in the right direction.



Your people are your asset. I can come in and work with your team to get everyone on the same page and engage in thoughtful conversation, to get their perspective. They know your customers and they have valuable things to contribute.



I provide strategy sessions, where we can work together to identify where your business is now – and where you would like it to be, into the future. I can then put together a roadmap to keep you on track.



I can help train yourself or your staff in specific areas – like Facebook Ads, SEO, website design or general marketing. The method of delivery is up to you and I can provide as little or as much information as you need.

frequently asked questions

Working with a marketing consultant will provide your business with a holistic plan that takes into account all your marketing channels. Having an external advisor helps fine tune your target audience and makes for a stronger strategy.

Hiring a digital marketing consultant will assist you with the shift towards digital marketing. A strong online presence is similar to having a second storefront; while this presents greater opportunity, it also entails additional responsibility and expense.

Employing a consultant can be far more flexible and cost-effective than hiring a new full-time employee as services can be scaled up or down as necessary.

When you work with me, I will tailor my services to meet your your business needs.

If you need help with reviewing your current marketing strategy, I will be able to determine where the gaps are and provide suggestions to update your strategy.

If it’s your website that needs some love, I can complete website and SEO audits or website and branding updates.

If you are looking for someone to teach you or your staff practical skills to DIY your email marketing, social media engagement, content writing or more, I can teach workshops or train your junior marketing staff.

If you have been DIY’ing your paid advertising campaigns and could use someone to review your performance and give you suggestions on optimisation – I can help.

Sessions can go from an hour to a full day depending on your requirements.

With a wide set of skills, I am able to assist you in the following areas:

  • Marketing Automation and Email Marketing

    – Making recommendations on the best provider for your needs
    – Website integrations
    – Setting up automations and email journeys
    – Email marketing strategy writing
    – Training on how to use the recommended tools
  • Social Media

    – Social Media Channels Audit
    – Strategy creation
    – Workshops and training on Instagram (how to do hashtag research, how to create reels, how to write an effective bio and more)
    – Workshops and training on TikTok, Facebook and LinkedIn
    – LinkedIn profile optimisation
    – Training on how to create and write content using tried and trusted systems
    – Canva training
    – Setting up social media calendars and recommending automation and scheduling tools + training
    – Recommendations on who to outsource your social media
  • Paid Advertising

    – Reviews of your current ad accounts (Facebook or Google)
    – Paid advertising campaign strategies
    – 1:1 training on how to use facebook ads manager to set up and optimise your own ads
    – Recommendations on who to outsource your paid advertising campaigns
  • Website and Search

    – Google My Business listing set up and optimisation
    – Google Search Console and Google Analytics set up
    – Website and SEO audits
    – SEO optimisation strategy writing
    – Pinterest strategy and training
    – Setting up marketing dashboards to receive monthly metrics to see your progress
    – Training on how to use Squarespace, Shopify, Wordpress and WooCommerce and many related tools
  • Content

    – Content strategy writing
    – Training on how to write optimised content to rank higher on Google
    – Keyword research and suggested content ideas
    – Putting you in touch with industry expert content writers
  • Branding

    – Logo and brand guidelines development
    – Social media templates creation and relevant training
  • Small Business Help

    – Setting up systems and processes to make your life easier
    – Setting up social media accounts
    – Writing a business plan
    – ABN and business name registration help
    – Being there to bounce ideas off of

This will depend on how much help you need. An hourly rate of $150 applies to small scale items. Bigger projects will be quoted based on scope and your individual business needs.

real results

Kate says..

“I reached out to Kreete when I first started my small business. One coffee later and she was hired! With a wealth of knowledge in marketing and business systems, Kreete was able to help me hit the ground running. I felt confident in the venture I was embarking on, and with my foundations established I was able to focus on what I really loved (working with clients) rather than business processes.

Even recently I sought Kreete’s expertise in Facebook Campaigns and Ads. I knew enough to get by, but not enough for my Ads to be profitable or worthwhile for my business. With money pouring down the drain, I jumped on a zoom call with Kreete. Within an hour, I had Ads set-up and an understanding of how to optimise them as Facebook moved through its phases of learning.

Working with Kreete has been a game-changer for me and my business. I’d highly recommend working with her if you want someone highly knowledgeable and creative who delivers high quality work.”

 I am ready to work together